Disneyland Paris Tours By Air

Disneyland Paris Holidays Tours By Air

All You Need To Know About Disneyland Paris And Best Deals Related To It

For all those who are planning to visit the Disneyland Paris for holidays, here is all information that you may need to collect before planning the trip. Disneyland resort is located about 32 kms in east of Paris. You can reach place either by your vehicle, shuttle, bus or even train. There are a number of things that you can do while you are there. Even if you are for a shortbreak in Disneyland Paris, you can have a lot of fun and build some very strong memories.

There are a number of beautiful places that you can visit while you are taking the tour of this entertaining place. Here is the list of places that you must visit while you are there:

· Walt Disney Studios Park: A theme park, it became a part of this place in year 2002. One of the most noticeable things about this park is the “studio lots” which includes Hollywood boulevard, Toon Studio, Front lot, and Production courtyard.

· Disneyland Park Paris: Another theme based park with typical Disney characteristics. The main attraction sports are Fronteirland, Discoverland, as well as Fantasyland. You can visit all these places through a train operated by Disney.

Disney Village: Remember all those beautiful villages you see in Disney movies. You can now a feel of them in this Disney Village which has some of the notable features like bowling alley, disco and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Dinner Show.

· Gold Disneyland: There are two areas in this field, one with 9-holes while other with 18-holes. It can be frequented by both kids and adults.

· Lake Disney: A man-made lake, it is located in the middle of resort.

If you are wondering about staying in Disneyland Paris, please know that Disney itself holds a number of hotels there itself where you can board yourself. In case, you are not okay with Disney owned hotels you can always go for non-Disney hotels. You can find around 5 or 6 of them. Though park is pretty good for staying, but it can be pretty expensive. Therefore, you may want to find some good and reasonable deals. Try to be a little careful while making your hotel bookings and you can definitely get some good deals. Also, see if the hotel offers shuttle service or not. It would help in reducing your transportation costs to a great extent.

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