Rocket Design Lab

Using rockets for a lab!


How does pulling the launch device back further effect the distance the rocket travels, the momentum, and it's speed? ( Does it increase, or decrease. )


We found out in research, and in recent experience, that to find the momentum it is mass times speed, and to find the speed it is distance divided by time. Another thing that will be uselful while gathering our results is that we know that the further we pull the launch device, the more momentum there will be when it hits the rocket. This means that when it is pulled from further back, more momentum will transfer into the rocket and shoot it further.


If we pull the launch device further back, then the momentum, distance, and speed will all increase.


* Rocket

* Ruler and/or Meter stick

* Calculator


1. First we will need to set up our graph under Data and Calculations

2. Next we will need to title it with 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch for how far we pull the launch device back.

3. Next we will title distance, momentum, and speed for where we fill in after are calculations

4. Next we launch the rocket with the launch device a half inch back

5. We do our calculations to measure distance, momentum, and speed then record it

6. Next we launch it with the launch device 1 inch back

7. We recore our measurements after our calculations

8. After that we test it with the launch device 1 1/2 inches back

9. We have to recore our answers for those calculations

10. Then we launch the rocket with the launch device 2 inches back

11. Next we recore our answers after calculations

12. Finally we find how much the distance, speed, and momentum increased or decreased

Data and Calculations

1 Inch- Speed - 1,470 cm/s Momentum - 12,495 g* cm/s Distance - 441 cm

2 Inch- Speed - 513.9 cm/s Momentum - 4,368.15 g* cm/s Distance- 571 cm

3 Inch- Speed- 709.166 cm/s Momentum - 6,027.911g* cm/s Distance - 851 cm

4 Inch- Speed- 707.5 cm/s Momentum - 6,013.75 g* cm/s Distance - 1,132 cm


In conclusion we saw that as how far we pulled the launch device increased, each time our distance did too. For speed and momentum, there really was no conclusion noticing that it was all over the place. This could change if we did this test all over again, but the distance should almost always increase since the launch device is hitting the rocket from further back each time, transferring more momentum.