John Strangeways Found Dead

Jury finds hotel maid not guilty

Dusty Wall Maid innocent?

John Strangeways was found dead at a party he was hosting. Davie Crockett found John’s corpse shortly after smoking a cigarette. John was found behind some shrubbery with a rope around his neck. Later it was discovered that bleach was on his body and cleaning product, the type the maid uses, was discovered on the rope around his neck. Although the jury of the court decided that the maid was innocent. This is suspicious due to the overwhelming amount of evidence against Dusty Wall Maid. Scientist Hayden Antoine states, “It was definitely the maid because there was sodium carbonate on the murder weapon as well as on her fingers.” This sounds like strong evidence that was not taken into consideration by the jury. One member of the jury, Eli McKay, said, “the suspect was never proven guilty… There is no proof of her handling the rope.” This shows that the jury was misinformed of the evidence while making their decision and that a murderer could potentially be roaming the streets as a free woman.

Can Forensics Fully be Trusted in a Court of Law?

Judging from Eli McKay's quote stated earlier, it can be assumed that forensics didn't play a huge role in their decision, but people everywhere are starting to question if forensics should be trusted at all. Forensics is starting to be questioned harshly by the scientific community. This is partially due to the case of Brandon Mayfield. Brandon was accused of bombing a train in Madrid due to his fingerprint matching one found at the scene of the bombing. Every expert who observed the fingerprint claimed it was a match, yet Brandon swore he didn't do it. After several weeks, it was found that the fingerprint match another man who was later found guilty. The notion that no two people have the same fingerprint has thus been doubted. My question is, 'how trustworthy can forensics truly be?' Also in the case of John Strangeways, should the forensic evidence be taken into greater consideration?