Conflict With The Archives

By Victor Sim

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Spring 1842

Another tension between Texas and Mexico rose up in the spring of 1842. There was an invasion of about 700 soldiers going to attack San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria. The reason this happened was because of Mexico's govt. hating Mirabeau Lamar's time in office. This produced a threat to the govt. of TX so Sam Houston ordered it on from his presidency to move the document that were preserved to be moved to a safe location. Mexico is too persistent with Texas as its own territory.

The Archives War

"These lousy excuses for a great empire are trying to take our our fair land away. We need to move our belongings to a safer location so it wouldn't fall into enemy lines," said Houston. This made a bunch citizens of the capital oppose this due to their suspicions on if moving would mean the city of Houston to become the capital again instead of Austin. So a person by the name of Angelina Eberly, lead some people to attack the officials loading the documents into a wagon."I didn't like what Tx was doing to itself , so i decided to stop it from its constant pain", said Angelina Eberly. The officials then gave up their papers to avoid bloodshed and returned them back to Austin. The people were happy about this, and continued onto their normal matters.

Another Invasion

The Texans faced another dreaded invasion in September of that year. This had 1,400 soldiers trying to capture San Antonio, and they succeeded. This made the govt of TX to lead a recapture of the site with a lot of the militia and some rangers. They succeeded as well, but when the Mexicans were retreating they took their captives with them. That made many of families tied to the captives very worried.