Trench Warfare

Ty Termaat

Why were trenches used?

Trenches were a way for both the allies and the central powers to fight and protect their countries, but without having to stand in fields in lines and fire. In the trenches, you could hide yourself, your weapons, and your communications with your side. It also made it easier to damage the other side because you anyone out in the open was an immediate target, and it became very easy to shoot at them because you were hiding and they weren't. The soldiers inside the trench were very hard to shoot hurt because you could normally only see their guns sticking out of the trench, this is when grenades took place.

Ally trench layout

There were four main trenches that were used by the Allies. They had a front lines trench that was between 50 yards and 1 mile away from the opposing trench. Then, hundreds of yards later, there was a support trench. This was used incase something happened to the front trench or if the front trench needed men, food, or more weapons/ammunition. Then, hundreds of yards further away was the reserve trench, this held more soldiers that would be ready at a moments notice if one of the first two trenches had emergencies. Lastly, more trenches were dug vertically between these trenches to connect them so messages could spread and so supplies and soldiers could move between trenches.
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This is an example of what the ally trenches would look like, how they were set up, and what the outsides/insides were like.

My Reaction

I didn't know much about trenches before this project. But after learning about them, it made me realize just how dangerous they were. If a grenade or some poisonous gas entered the trench, pretty much the only way to escape it was to get out of the trench. And if that happened, the opposing side would shoot you with their rifles. As you can see they were very dangerous, but also changed the war. War was no longer fought on open fields with the soldiers standing in rows, firing one by one. Now they were fought with strategy, skill, and new technology and weapons that no one saw coming. Overall, i really enjoyed this project and it was definitely my favorite one this year.

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