Beach Buddies Bulletin

October 28-November 1

Our week in K...

Check out the character in these pumpkins!

Writers' Workshop

In Writers' Workshop we have worked on the endings of our stories. We changed our typical "then we went home" or "then I went to bed" endings to endings that stay "closer" to the story.

Readers' Workshop

In readers' workshop we remembered that strong readers "think" while reading. We used a life-size thought bubble that we can stick our face through to share our "think alouds".

Name Writing

We are working hard to write our name with one capital letter and the rest lowercase. How does your kindergartner write their name? Please encourage this "kindergarten style" at home as well.

Math Workshop

In Math we compared coins, made Halloween number stories, and graphed and tallied the results of a spider question.

Classroom Donations

Looking for something to donate to our classroom? We are hoping for:

D batteries

thick and thin Crayola markers


plastic spoons

sandwich size ziplock bags

Thanks for thinking of us!

Apps to Check Out

Montessori Hundred Board is a wonderful 100's chart app that helps students with number recognition and counting. You can also count in different ways (even, odd, etc.) to make it more challenging.

Next week...

Remember no school Monday. I look forward to meeting with each of you next week for conferences. Next week we will explore monsters, finish our owl learning, begin new Smart Shops, and practice reading and writing color words.