Globalization Project!


Globalization is the flow of everything around the world and how it affects where they live, how they live, and the way that they live.

Product- The Producing of Basketballs

Basketballs are entirely made of synthetic rubber on the inside, and made of leather on the outside. The inside is like a rubber balloon that is filled with air in order to give it a bounce. The outside has leather wrapped around it, with tiny bumps layered out all over it to give it grip. The lacing on the outside is also made out of leather. The synthetic rubber is made mostly in the U.S., along with the leather. Then the materials are sent to China to get assembled into a basketball, then sent back to the U.S. to be sold.


There are many issues that occur when transferring goods from the U.S., to China. One problem is the materials, rubber and leather, could fade from getting wet by water splashing the crates, getting the materials wet, and by the sunlight seeking through any cracks or holes in the crate.


This issue could be solved by getting waterproof crates or boxes. It can be solved by getting crates that don't have cracks or holes. Also, by checking the crates and making sure that there are no holes or cracks. There could be some sort of waterproof tarp that wraps around all of the crates, allowing no water and not much light to come through.


What I have to do with Geography + Globalization:

I have to do with the generation that could figure out how to solve problems in the environment and also the generation that could involve technology into everything, such as no more books or papers. We can find out better ways to get around the world, no matter what mountains or valleys are in the way.

How it impacted my past:

It impacted my past because I grew up with technology and a very tragic terrorist attack took place not to long after I was born. Also, things like pollution and global warming have gotten worse. Things like transportation have advanced slightly, making it easier to get around places.

How it impacts me now:

It impacts me now because technology has advanced by so much. Now there are better ideas for more ways to get around.

How it will impact my future:

With technology advancing as much as it is, my kids will go to school and not even get close to a piece of paper, or even a book. I believe that everything will be online. People will figure out a way that most physical features won't affect people in the way they do.

6 Word Relationship

Travel gets easier, technology takes over.