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A long overdue update!

Hello friends!

It's been too long since we've connected and we are so excited to tell you about how we are looking forward to getting things back in gear!

Individually, each of us have been navigating our way through many of the great unknowns that this pandemic has given rise to. But as each day passes we are coming closer to returning to a place where we can hopefully feel safe to come together again!

We have so much to share with you!!!

Although we have all had to pivot and change paths many times in these COVID times, all of our hard work has not been lost! We truly believe there is always a silver lining.

Even though the stage lights were dark, many amazing things have continued to unfold as we have been called to dig deep and look for ways to grow Stage Prophets to be better than ever before.

One of those silver linings from COVID was the gift of time: Time to reflect, time to meet, time to build. This time has allowed some members of our Stage Prophets team to come together to craft our first Vision & Mission statements.

With the creation of our vision and mission we were able to develop our inaugural board for the official Stage Prophets Theatrical Society Board!

Below we illustrate some of the ways our newly envisioned Board has moved from being a a document on paper to a living document creating tangible change through monthly meetings. This board has been focused on building a culture that will nurture all future Stage Prophet programs.

The process of crafting the Vision & Mission also inspired is to think about sharing it widely through a branded logo. It only seemed right to craft a logo that was representative of who we are, where we came from and where we are going. It was an intensive process but we are excited to finally be sharing it with you.

With all this work the board looks forward to coming together as a collective at our Annual General Meeting in mid-November. With the beginning of the 2021/2022 season we will be creating a greater Voting Membership of the Stage Prophets Society so be sure to check out the information below under Membership if you are interested.

We've talked about all the great work that has been done during COVID but more importantly - what's next?! We are moving ahead stronger and better with Jesus Christ Superstar in the Spring of 2022!! Yes it will happen. MORE EXCITING DETAILS BELOW!

Our Vision & Mission

Over the past few months our newly envisioned board has been spent time pondering "what is the WHY that drives Stage Prophets?" They have carefully considered what principles and guideposts are most important that we weave throughout the fabric of who we are as a Stage Prophets family. After careful consideration the board identified 4 cornerstones words, a vision statement, and 13 Principles of a mission to guide Stage Prophets through our future.

We invite you to take a peek here: Mission & Vision

It's important to note that although the group that were called together to create these newly formed principles feel it is a living document. It was unanimously decided to add the following statement at the end: Staying true to the essence of our vision, we are committed to revisiting this living document to ensure that we are mindful of the needs of our growing community. This statement is an act that we choose to continue to uphold in an ever changing world.

Stage Prophets Theatrical Society Board.

What is the Stage Prophets Theatrical Society Board?

The Stage Prophets Board has been created to guide the Stage Prophets Society while implementing our new Mission.

The collective vision is for the board to create a solid foundation for Stage Prophets that allows the creation of a faith based mission that is ever evolving.

Our Board's core team is made up of 9 positions; Artistic Director, Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Finance Lead, Development Lead, Communications Lead, Operations Lead and Mission Stewardship Lead.

Who is our Stage Prophets Theatrical Society Board?

Interested in becoming a voting member of the Stage Prophets Theatrical Society?

Membership - What it is and also what it isn’t!

Question: I want to be part of a production… Does that mean I have to have a membership?

Answer: No. Joining us for a production is completely separate from becoming a voting member of the Stage Prophets Theatrical Society.

Joining as a voting member of the Stage Prophet's Society, grants each member a vote at our Annual General Meeting.

To be a Member to the SP Society an individual must:

-be over the age of 18;

-join in sharing and upholding the vision and mission of Stage Prophets;

-participates in a volunteer capacity, outside of company responsibilities, at least 5 times annually;

-completes the membership commitment form and

-contributes to the Society with an annual $20 fee (option be waived if barrier for membership).

Link to sign up here

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Join us for our first ever Annual General Meeting

All voting members are invited to join us for Stage Prophet's Annual General Meeting on November 21st, 2021 at location TBA.

The location has yet to be confirmed but please consider joining Stage Prophets as a voting member to stay in the loop!


Before long you will be seeing this logo everywhere! Hats, T-shirts, posters, letterhead, you name it, we are going to logo it!

This new improved logo is our way of creating a brand that in a few images captures the essence of who we are, where we came from and where we are going!

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Important: Information about Jesus Christ Superstar Version 2022

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The world may have been turned upside down over the past 18 months but we are ready to take it by storm.

We are in the process of relaunching Jesus Christ Superstar 2022!

Our vision for this show is even more spectacular than originally planned!

Are you IN?

We are very excited to be starting up again!

We really are hoping that all members of our original cast will be joining us again!

Unfortunately we realize that many things may have changed in people's lives over the last 2 years and returning may not be an option for all.

We ask that each member complete the form below so we can update our lists for the new remounting of this show.


We are needing all cast, crew and mass choir to complete the form by September 19.
We ask that you fill out the form even if you are unable to join us this time so we know that we have heard from you!

Only after September 19th will we advertise for any vacant roles so please make sure you check on your friend's who are part of the cast that they completed the form.

Please see below for important dates around the production of JCSS.

JCSS Important Dates

September 19th - Deadline for 2020 cast to recommit for remounted show

Sept. 20th - Oct. 3rd - Advertising for auditions to fill empty roles (if needed)

October 8th - 15th - Auditions to take place (if needed)

October 29th - Cast list re-released

November 21st -Annual General Meeting

January 9th, 2022 - First Day of Rehearsal

May 30th-June 2nd, 2022 - Tech Week

June 2nd- 6th, 2022 JCSS Arena Shows!