Bad Girls Dont Die

By: Katie Alender

Bad Girls Dont Die summary

The books setting is mostly at the old haunted house they live in.

The minor characters are Alexis , Kaycey, friends , Alexis mom

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Girls Dont Die Summary

Alexis (main character) lives ia an old house. At the middle of the night she sneaks out to go outsided. When she went out side she was taking pictures of the house. When she sees a light in the window she never knew about.

Later in the story. Alexis was looking for her sisteR kaskey and her mind was telling her that she was in the basebent hiding. When she goes up to the basement she sees her sister under a desk with green eye and blood dripping from her eyes. Then she ran to her room and saw her sister their like if nothing had happend. Later in the story Alexis finds out that her sister is being possed by an evil doll. And at the end...something happends that im not going to tell.

The proble in the story was that the doll had possed kaysey and the doll was telling. Kaysey to kill Alexis. Alexis solved the problem by burning and destroying the doll.