Biting Into Smore

Smore can enhance reading and writing in your classroom

Where are the Graham Crackers? is way to create beautiful pages instantly. This website allows users to create online flyers, newsletters, and other documents that are attractive, fun, and easy to use. I recommend the free account where you can store 6 flyers. You can always delete old flyers to create more space. Smore comes with ease for students and teachers alike.

Why Use Smore?

Creating a Smore

How Can You Use Smore?

Student Led

  • Unit Summaries
  • Book Reports/Reviews
  • Point of View Writings
  • Newsletters from a certain time period
  • Biographies

Teacher Led

  • Students can navigate through the Smore to gather information on a topic
  • Flyer for an event in the classroom
  • End of unit assessment where students have to create a Smore with specific guidelines

Your Task

Create a Smore on the topic of your choice. Share the link to your Smore on the Padlet link below so that others can see you're amazing ideas! All completed Smores (atleast 3 sections) on the Padlet will receive an hour credit for Widget Wednesday. If you would like me to come and work with you on your Smore, book me and we will work together.