Lung Cancer: Health Education

By Tanya Nanocchio


Lung cancer affects many people worldwide, even in the U.S , there are 400,000 have lung cancer. Lung cancer is when cells grow uncontrollably.It is also caused by second hang smoking. There are a few types of lung cancer that people may get, Non-small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer, and lung carcinoid tumor.

10 Facts About Lung Cancer

1. There are more than 200,000 cases per year in the U.S

2.Lung cancer has a higher rate for men rather than women.

3.Lung cancer is the second most common cancer worldwide with 1.8 million cases and 1.6 million deaths in 2012.

4.Smoking is the main cause for lung cancer.

5.It starts as a symptom free disease.

6.It may spread before it is even detected.

7.Two major types of lung cancer are small cell lung cancer and non-small cell.

8.Screening can't prevent lung cancer and it's deaths.

9.About 400,000 people in the U.S are diagnosed with lung cancer.

10.About 81% of people who have lung cancer are over 60.

Five Things A Person Can Do To Maintain or Improve Their Health

1. Don't Smoke

2. Eat well

3. Be Active

4. Don't Do Drugs

5. Protect Your Lungs

Is This Disease Or Condition Genetic?

This disease may be genetic, if a family member such as the mother, had lung cancer, the child would have a greater chance of getting lung cancer than if it had a mother that didn’t have lung cancer.

People who get the disease or have the condition: Who is at greatest risk?

The older you are, the more of risk you have of getting lung cancer. Also, if you are over sixty and smoke, you will have an even bigger chance of lung cancer. Unfortunately, even if you are just a second-hand smoker, you are open to lung cancer. Men are actually more open to this disease than women.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lung Cancer?

The symptoms of lung cancer include pain in the ribs or chest, chronic, and dry coughing. And even coughing with blood. Some others are loss of appetite, fatigue, weakness and weight loss. And even, shortness of breath or wheezing.

Where is this disease or condition commonly found? (Specific locations/countries, etc.)

This condition really is commonly found in the countries: Hungary, Serbia and Democratic Republic of Korea

How Is Lung Cancer Diagnosed?

A CAT scan may reveal small lesions in your lungs that might not be detected on an X-ray. If someone has a cough and are producing sputum, looking at the sputum under a microscope can sometimes reveal the presence of lung cancer cells.

What Is The Treatment?

There are different treatments for lung cancer. One way is to get surgery. During this procedure, doctors may either remove a part of the lung, remove a triangular piece of the tissue from the lung, or doctors may put a little camera that they insert in the chest, and see in the chest. This is good because they don’t have to make a big opening. One other way is to get chemotherapy, which kills the cells that are multiplying or growing larger too quickly.

Can Lung Cancer Be Cured?

Small cell lung cancer can mostly treated with chemotherapy. Surgery is only acceptable if there is no sign that the cancer has spread to the lymph glands. But, Non small cell lung cancer may be treated with radiotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy or a combination of these, depending on the stage.

Can Lung Cancer Be Fatal?

In fact, lung cancer can be fatal. In the U.S alone, 157,423 died in 2012. So, people can definitely die from it. It is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths, it causes 1.6 million. This is more than breast, colon, and prostate cancer combined.

What Is The Future Of Lung Cancer?

There are new medical developments of research going on, this is called immunotherapy. Immunotherapy activates a part of the patient’s immune system to fight the patient’s cancer, which helps it to work better to destroy cancer cells.
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