My Personality

By Van McClure

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Entrepreneur Type

According to the Myers-Briggs personality test categorized me as the Entrepreneur type.


This means that I have strengths in the areas of BOLDNESS, PRACTICALITY and ORIGINALITY, just to name a few.


The weaknesses of the entrepreneurial type are being IMPATIENT and RISK PRONE.


I feel like this was a good representation of my personality. The strengths and weaknesses were accurate to a degree. In the test it described me as impatient, but I think that isn't as true as the other descriptions. I can be very patient and am able to handle stressful situations well.

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Want to learn more?

More than 80% of the businesses in Springfield have fewer than 50 employees. Many of those were started by local entrepreneurs. One of them, Jack Stack, started a business called SRC after the manufacturer he was working for closed. His story is very inspiring and does make me want to learn more about entrepreneurship and perhaps someday I might want to start my own small business. Learn more by reading one of the books he has written called, "The Great Game Of Business".
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