Making a Pizza

learning how to make a pizza at Scaddabush

January 5,2015 at 2:15

Today i will be teaching you how to make a pizzas.

What you need

  • A hair Tie
  • A hair net which will be proved
  • Non slip shoes you have a pair if not then closed toed shoes
  • An apron which will be proved


Before you start cooking you start learning how to make a pizza you need to be ready.

  • so first you need to tie your hair back an put on a hair net.
  • next you will need to put on a apron
  • after you are done you must need to wash your hands and then your ready.

getting the doughy ready

So today i will be showing you how to make one of Scaddabushes called the Sophia.

  • So first what you will have to do is to take some semolina and spread it on the your work area.

  • Next since to pizza dough is pre made you need to take the dough cover it in semolina.

  • After that you need to turn on the dough machine place the dough in to the top part of the machine.

  • Once it come out you take the flattened dough and put it in the middle part witch will flatten it even more.

  • when the dough comes out from the bottom place the dough on top of the speared semolina,

topping the pizza

Now once you have gotten the dough ready you need to put a ladle full of the pizza tomato sauce ans spread it around the pizza.

Next you need top the pizza with mozzarella, chicken, goat cheese, roasted red peppers, and the caramelized onions.


once your done topping the pizza its time to put the pizza in the pizza oven

it take around 4 to 5 minuets for the pizza to cook.

once the pizza is done you need to take the pizza and put it on a wooden bored. Or if you are getting the pizza to go you put it in a to go box.