Gifted and Talented News

By Lenora Barnes 11/13/15


This week both classes worked on vocabulary with Thanksgiving themed word puzzles and continued our read aloud books and discussions. Some of the classes completed our unit on giftedness. The other classes will complete it next week. The first and second grade classes worked on several deductive thinking activities. They were also introduced to our next project, Texas Performance Standards Project - Animal Nation.

The third and fourth grade classes completed a problem solving activity which required them to decide the verdict in a fictitious court case and provide evidence to support their position. They were also introduced to their choices for their long-term Texas Performance Standards Project.


Next week we will begin working on the TPSP projects and coding in addition to our warm-up activities and read alouds.

During the week of November 30 - December 4 we will not have class due to my involvement in testing and my attendance at the Texas Association of Gifted and Talented Conference.


Gifted children often feel very pressured to be super smart all the time. That pressure can be difficult to deal with for children. Click the link below to read a blog post recommended by TAGT that is a part of Hoagies' Gifted Blog Hop.

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