Technology Taking Over...

Is it really?

Is technology really taking over our society? A lot of people do think so and this is going in the wrong direction. Technology isn't a bad things but if it starts to control our life where we can't live without it, it will become a problem. It is also starting to take place of us humans in the work field and unemployment is very high. This is an article that talks about the technology overcoming in our employment places.

Is it stopping our communication or helping?

Yes or No?

We, as humans have lost our verbal communication skills. Now in this century, we communicate mostly through technology. It is the fastest way to communicate but there have been studies where a person could sit in a room with someone and only speak to them coming in and leaving out. When in the 20th century and before when we didn't have technology or it was limited we spoke the most. People are starting to notice this as a big issue, especially social media. There are articles that discuss is such as:

There is also a lot of talk about how technology will look and change us in the future and some are good predictions and some aren't. There is a video below about some predictions.

Future Technology Watch your day in 2020