CUPT Program Social Media Update

Facts and figures from the past 6 months (since Aug 2015)


  • 1,881 people “Like” our facebook page, up from 1,806
  • Of these people, 56% are female and the most represented age is shifting from 18-24 (41%, previously 55%) to the 25-34 year old group (41%)
  • 38% of our contacts are located in the USA and we still have a large Egyptian contingent (30% of all Likes)
  • The post with the greatest reach (1,454 people) was our Exam & Eval II class field trip to watch the DU Women's BBall team featuring a group photo (below) with point guard Paige Bradley!
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  • We have 1,437 followers, up from 1,275
  • Of these, 58% are female (previously 61%) and the most represented age group range remains between 25-34 years old (39%)
  • 89% of our followers are in the USA
  • We now average 3 tweets per week
  • Most popular recent tweet was our welcome back message to our first-year #DPTStudent class
  • More in-depth statistics available here


  • We have 268, followers, up from 232
  • Our 130 photos have accumulated 687 likes (previously 613 likes)
  • In-depth stats here