Personality Type: True Colors Gold

by Sophia Mohr

Over view Of My Color

Gold's personality is most like what a ruler or president would have. In gold you love to follow rules respect authority, You have a very good sense of what is good and bad in life. Some Traits that can describe us are Loyal, Dependable, Prepared, Thorough, Sensible, Punctual, Faithful, Stable, Organized, etc. One of the things I agree with in my color is that I don't like doing group projects because I am either the only or one of the only ones doing the work in the projects. Also, I value family and our traditions together.

Childhood and Relationships

In childhood Gold's wanted to follow the rules and regulations at rules. Also, we wanted to respect the authority and we liked the foundation at school. We don't like changes or surprises. We were also the easiest kids to get along with in school systems.

In relationships Gold's are serious and tend to have traditional, conservative views on love and marriage, they like marriage traditional they don't like it different. They enjoy others who can work together as a team. They also do practical things that will show the love for one another.


At work Gold's provide stability and maintain in good organization. Also, they have good ways to handle details and to work hard. They believe work comes before play no matter how long it will take, It has to get done.

Leadership Skills

With leadership skills Gold's expect order and loyalty. Gold's assume that their way is the highway. They always have rules and lots of them. Not only do they always have a detailed approach but they also feel threatened by change and expects people to "play" their roles. If not they will become bossy and rude.

Symptoms Of A Bad Day

For the Gold Symptoms of a bad day are complaining and self pity, and anxiety and worry. These are the three that fit me most for having a bad day. When I am having a bad day my anxiety levels rise and I start to worry a lot and also complain a lot.

Thoughts about my color (Gold)

I think that I fit the color gold very well. I fit all the groups perfectly. I think this was the best choice for me. The three characteristics that fit me best are loyal, faithful, and caring. I fit all of these perfectly.