The Road to Perseverance

By: Lily Cisneros

Perseverance Is...

Perseverance is steadiness in doing something despite difficulty or hardships. When someone perseveres, they don't yield to any delay in achieving success.

The Lady Jags- Description

The Lady Jags is an embattled girls basketball team from Carroll Academy that had many adversities, but with support from their team and coaches, they persevered through their hardships. For example one of the girls first tried marijuana when she was just eight years old. Luckily the team helped turn her life around. Playing basketball helped them cope with all of the bad things they have been through. In some cases the coaches were the only prominent figures in the girl's lives. The girls could look up to them for a positive example. One of the girls with a bipolar disorder and depression dealt with her rage by playing basketball. Although they had lost 212 games, the girls were able to triumph in the end.
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The girls adhere to the team and wouldn't give it up for anything. The family like bond helps the girls overcome everything in their lives.

Eric LeGrand- Cause and Effect

Eric LeGrand was a former football player that was paralyzed from the neck as a result of a routine tackle. Although he was impacted in many ways, he is still a happy-go-lucky person even after the accident. His positive outlook has become his trademark, as a result everyone enjoys to be around him. Eric is making amazing progress even after the doctors told him that he would never be able to walk or breath on his own. He Is regaining movement in his arms and shoulders, and his sitting balance is improving. He also completed his degree in labor studies at Rutgers after taking classes throughout his recovery. Because of his experiences, he has become an inspiring role model to everyone.
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52 was Eric's number, the highlighted EL are his initials in the word believe.

Carry On- Compare and Contrast

Leroy Sutton and Dartanyon Crockett were both featured in an ESPN document called Carry on, that told about how they persevered through their adversities, and had become inspiring role models to everyone. These two “brothers” had similar hardships, but different futures, while still keeping their unbreakable friendship. Leroy lived with his grandmother. On the contrary, Dartanyon’s mother died and his father abused drugs and alcohol. Both were affected by troubling physical disabilities. Leroy’s legs were crushed by a train and he became a double amputee. On the other hand Dartanyon has acute visual loss and is legally blind. Opposed to their differences, both friends wrestled on the Lincoln West High School wrestling team, and graduated from a high school that had a graduation rate under 50%. With help from a trust fund that helped the boys make over $50,000 for college and other essentials. Dartanyon won bronze in the 2012 Paralympic games in London, however Leroy went to college to study video game designing. He got married, and became a loving father. Despite their differences they had a very special bond. Leroy was Dartanyon’s eyes, and Dartanyon was Leroy’s legs.

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During the aired feature, the two boys and Lisa Fenn, the reporter, became close friends. Lisa was a motherly figure to the Leroy and Dartanyon.

Jackie Robinson- Problem Solution

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Winston Churchill- Sequence

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We can learn from the perseverance others in order to overcome adversity in today's world because all of the people above have shown great perseverance and powerful role models that show others how to work past all of the bad things in your life. These people remind us that now matter how bad things are in your life, someone has in worse. As long as you persevere something good will come from a bad situation.