Zendaya Air Pollution



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Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and a serious public health concern

Tobacco Smoke

People smoking in their house and at work.

Tobacco Smoke is made up more than 7,000 chemicals including over 70 known to cause cancer.

Air Pollution for Kids

Sick building syndrome

a condition affecting office workers typically marked by headaches and respiratory problems attributing to unhealthy, or stressful factors on the working environment such as poor ventilation

Ways you can reduce indoor air pollution

1.keep your floors fresh

2. keep a healthy level of humidity

3. make your home a non-smoking zone

4. test for radon

5. smell good naturally


humidity causes mold, leaking pipes, leaking roofs and more.

molds produce allergens, irritants, and sometimes toahs that may cause adverse reactions in humans

Carbon monoxide

carbon monoxide is harmful when breathe because it displaces oxygen in the blood and deprives the brain, heart, and other.

gas stoves, and ovens, water heaters.

Household cleaners

allergic, infectious, and toxic

biological pollutants are or were living organisms. but they promote poor....

Air qualiuty

the degree to which the ambient is pollution free assessed by measuring a number of indicators of pollution

Indoor air pollution

violate organic compounds for example are gases released by many household products they may cause problems like headaches naused and irritated eye's and throat.