Horrible Hurricanes!!!

The most Horrible Hurricanes ever!!!

What is a Hurricane?

Well a hurricane is one of the natural disasters, and is a huge tropical storm with high spiraling winds, severe flooding, heavy rain, storm surges (high tidal wave.) Oh, a hurricane forms over a tropical beach like Hawaii and any other warm ocean water beaches and it moves across the warm ocean water. A hurricane feeds on warm ocean water. Each hurricane lasts over a week moving 10-20 mph over open ocean.Oh, hurricanes are also dangerous and destructive!

The appearance of a hurricane!

Well a hurricane looks like a real big whirl pool in a ocean but has an eye in the center of the hurricane.A hurricane looks like a big circle with a whole in the middle of its circle.A large tropical storm with huge storm surges or tidal waves.Trust me they are hideous not just because they are natural disasters but because they almost destroy everything in their path.

How do hurricanes get their names?

The first time they got their names was in the 19th century from this guy named Clement Wragge. Hurricanes also get their names from what part of the world k the storms they are in. They also alternate between boy and girl names starting from the 19th century until now except we still continue to alternate between boy an d girl names like Catrina, Hugo and many more.

The causes of hurricanes

Well a hurricane can cause a lot of damage and trust me I have seen a lot of damage from a hurricane.Oh hurricanes cause... severe flooding, heavy rain, storm surges, and high winds.Well most important of all a hurricane can cause house damage, people die, and money damage which is the lost money by hurricanes.Oh the most money that can be lost by a hurricane is 26.5 billion dollars which was caused by Hurricane Andrew! Well I also think that hurricanes can also damage land plots.

Hurricane facts!

So hurricanes gather heat and energy through contact with warm ocean water.Hurricanes can have strong spiraling winds up to 600 mph.Hurricanes can also never form near the equator.The Carolios force is needed to create the spin in the hurricane and it becomes too weak near the equator.Oh and evaporation from the sea increases the power of the hurricane.