Classroom Resources

By: Corbin Janssen

The Water Cycle Song
A song describing the water cycle in a fun and memorable way.
Bill Nye the Science Guy®: Volcanoes - Video
Bill Nye takes a look at the hot-hot-hot world of volcanoes: what they are, how they're formed, and the different types that exist.
MyPlate for Kids
This video was created by three masters of social work students from Shippensburg University. This video was developed as a tool to help parents, teachers, social workers, and other professionals teach children about MyPlate, calories and energy, and the food groups
Just Dance Kids 2 - The Gummy Bear Song (Wii Rip)
Just Dance Kids 2 - The Gummy Bear Song

A great way to energize and motivate kids through activity with this easy to learn dance.
Sesame Street: Feist sings 1,2,3,4
Feist sings 1, 2, 3, 4 the Sesame way.

Kids Corner Podcast

10 episode free podcast based on a character named Liz who deals with difficult decisions.

Middle School Matters

237 free episodes for middle school teachers. Explores difficulties and happenings in the classroom.

The Story Home

Sesame Street

58 episodes all based on similar lessons taught in the television broadcast. Great for the youngest of grades.

k5tunes Podcast

This music podcast provides a variety of music and music techniques to be used in the classroom. Can be used as a teaching resource or background music within the classroom setting.