Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines

Parent Newsletter | September 2018

A Message from Ms. Diaz, Principal

Greetings Franklin Families!

The 2018-2019 school year is well underway. Hopefully, your child has settled in with his or her new teacher(s). The new school year jitters are gone, and it's time to get busy with our academics!

Please make a concerted effort to check your child's grades on a regular basis through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. With open lines of communication and regular monitoring, each quarter can be a success for your child.

Always remember that your child comes first at Franklin Academy. Let's stay connected to ensure every child's success!

What's Been Going On...

On the Road to the Championships... Soccer!

As the weather cools down with the changing fall season, soccer playoffs are just heating up! The boys and girls soccer teams have performed amazingly well this soccer season and are looking to bring home a double championship. The girls will play to defend the championship for the second season in a row, while the boys plan to double that title and bring their championship home for the first time. Below is the season record and leading goal-scorers. Despite a tougher division to play in, our Bulldogs have played with all of their heart and dedication to make it this far! We look forward to you coming to support our Bulldogs at the playoffs!

Season Record:


GIRLS OVERALL(4-1): Indian Ridge L(1-2), Walter C. Young W(1-0), Pines Middle W(9-1), A.C. Perry W(8-0), and Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines 6-12 W(7-0)

BOYS OVERALL(5-0): Indian Ridge W(2-0), Walter C. Young W(7-1), Pines Middle W(7-0), A.C. Perry W(8-0), and Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines 6-12 W(7-0)

Top Goal Scorers:

Girls - Jazmin H. (6 goals)

Boys - Luca E. (8 goals)

Patriot Day

Patriot Day is observed annually on September 11th to honor those who served and lost their lives in the attacks on that fateful day. In observance of this important day, students and staff were invited to wear red, white and blue to show their patriotic spirit. The day included a moment of silence after a reading by Ms. Diaz. For everyone, Patriot Day is a special occasion to be remembered every year.

International Day of Peace

The United Nations selected September 21st as the International Day of Peace. Bringing a close to a week celebrating "Choose Peace, Stop Violence" week. Friday was a special day with a minute of silence at noon, in agreement with schools and businesses all over the world. Ms. Lubiner's MYP Art students created a beautiful chalk art celebration of Peace, and other students got involved with various activities around using the hashtag #StandUp4HumanRights, the theme of this year's International Day of Peace. Franklin Academy - Pembroke Pines students are committed to standing up for human rights, choosing peace and working to stop violence all over the world.

Enchanted Forest Book Fair

Reading for pleasure unlocks the power of information and imagination and helps children discover who they are.

Our Enchanted Forest Book Fair sponsored by Scholastic was a reading event that brings the books kids want to read right into our school. It’s a great selection of engaging books for every reading level. Thank you for making plans to visit our Book Fair and being involved in shaping your child’s reading habits. Having students attend from September 24th through September 28th, all enjoyed a fun-filled event. From perusing new titles, finding a familiar author or completing a book scavenger hunt, all students enjoyed the magic of books. Creating a unicorn hat, reading a new title under a toadstool or playing the gnome bowling game with our siblings and friends, our Family Night on Wednesday night, from 6:00-8:00 pm, brought an enchanted evening for all.

Thank you for supporting our school’s Book Fair. Remember, all purchases benefit our school. Our book fair funds are returned directly to the Franklin Academy Media Center. Thank you for your generous support.

Start with Hello Week

During the week of September 24–28, 2018, hundreds of schools and youth organizations across the United States will participate in Start With Hello Week, teaching students, grades 2–12, the skills they need to create a culture of inclusion and connectedness, and encouraging them to reach out to and include those who may be dealing with chronic social isolation. The goal is to raise awareness about social isolation and educating students and adults about how to prevent it.

Character Counts!

Our school places great emphasis on teaching all of our students the Six Pillars of Character, which include: responsibility; trustworthiness; respect; fairness; caring and citizenship by using the Character Counts Program ( As a School of Excellence, our administrators, teachers, and school counselors started the 2018-2019 school year by encouraging and developing a positive school climate by means of highlighting the “Pillar of Responsibility”. Our school counselor visited numerous classrooms and engaged students while she read about the importance of being responsible. Students were able to reflect and express numerous reasons why responsibility is essential for everyone, despite their age.

City of Pembroke Pines Police Department Student of the Month

A big congratulations goes to Kayley S. for being this month's City of Pembroke Pines Police Department Student of the Month! Students of the Month are nominated by their teachers based on criteria set forth by the Pembroke Pines Police Department, including exemplary behavior, good citizenship and being a good role model to others. This is a big honor, and Kayley is definitely worthy to be called our Student of the Month!

A look into Kindergarten...

Red, green, and yellow apples! This month, kindergarten students celebrated and learned all about John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed. The students participated in a food tasting with a variety of different and yummy treats that included one main ingredient. This main ingredient was APPLES! They also used their sense of taste to graph and vote on their favorite apple flavor. The students enjoyed learning all about John Chapman. Happy Birthday, Johnny Appleseed!

First Grade Scientists

Back to school can be difficult for some, but not for first grade. First grade has been working hard to become scientists by using their five senses. Students have gone on nature walks, played guessing sounds games, created flip books, and sorted items into categories we chose as teams. We know that learning can be interactive and fun!

Second Grade Science Investigation

Put on your lab coat and goggles! We kicked off science this year discussing the steps to the scientific method, what scientists do, and the different tools scientists use. Our junior scientists had so much fun engaging in our Science Tools centers. As a follow up to our lessons, they had an opportunity to explore various tools by completing simple tasks. They used thermometers to measure water temperature, rulers to measure pencils and erasers, a hand lens to observe tiny dried shrimp, and beakers to measure water. They recorded their data, and they shared their results with the class. As simple as this activity was, our second graders had a great time exploring these tools, all the while reinforcing what we had learned about science tools and the scientific method.

3rd Grade Introduction

Third Graders started school at Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines K-8 with lots of enthusiasm! We greeted each other and completed All About Me and Ben Franklin Kites to display in our hallways. We shared news about our summer and were thrilled to find old and new friends. Our Open House on September 6th was a big success, boasting 93% attendance from parents and students. We are ready to have a wonderful year at the “Greatest School on Earth”. We are looking forward to Boosterthon and to our field trip to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, where we will ride canoes and learn about Florida’s native species. Third Grade is a special year, as we are now Intermediate Students and are able to show responsibility and independence. Watch us grow and learn!

Fourth Grade Teamwork

What do you get when you mix paperclips, a lifesaver, a gummy worm, a paper cup, and groups of 4th grade students? A fun science team building activity! 4th graders learned how to work together to “Save Sam,” a gummy worm whose “boat” capsized. Using only paperclips, ingenuity, and teamwork, students had to place the lifesaver around Sam's (the gummy worm) neck. Students learned about communication, trial and error, and the necessity of working cooperatively with their classmates.

Edmodo in 5th Grade

Fifth grade is the final year of elementary school and is often referred to as the transition year in preparation for our Middle Years Program (MYP). With this in mind, to be more aligned with MYP, the fifth grade teachers are now utilizing Edmodo, rather than websites, to communicate important information.

Edmodo is not only a more efficient tool for teachers, but it also encourages more student involvement. In years past, it has been noticed that a large number of students were not using the teacher websites to check for extra practice and upcoming events. The daunting task of checking for upcoming tests and quizzes, as well as checking for extra practice or daily review activities, was placed on the parents. Now, the fifth grade team has noticed an increase in student involvement. This new method of communication has nurtured an environment in which students are taking ownership and a more active role in their education. They are communicating with each other through messaging and even assisting each other when they have questions about the daily lesson.

One of the great features that Edmodo includes is a calendar where all upcoming tests, quizzes, and important dates in each class are streamlined in one calendar. The calendar feature assists in keeping students (and parents) more organized and well aware of upcoming events. Another exciting feature is the use of folders. Edmodo allows teachers to house important documents in folders, which are easily accessible for students.

Because of the ease of use on the educator end, up-to-date information is communicated on a more regular basis, all the while promoting a meaningful rapport between teachers and both students and parents. With this tool, the fifth grade team is confident that this year will be a great success!

MYP Year 1 News

What exactly is IB? What does it mean to be a part of an International Baccalaureate Middle Year Program (IB MYP)? What does being an IB learner entail? Our MYP 1 students were introduced to the IB program by exploring the IB learner profile traits and reflecting on changes they need to make as they transition from elementary school to the MYP. MYP 1 students participated in various learning activities that allowed them to learn about and reflect on the IB learner profile traits. Through these activities, they were able think about which traits they already display, as well as which ones they will seek to grow in. For many of them it was the first time they learned about what it means to be an IB learner, and Paula Zapata said, “Being introduced to the IB learner profile allowed me to think about what traits I may need to survive middle school.” Overall, students expressed that they feel middle school will be a challenge but what the IB program will provide toward their learning and future will be beneficial. “I look forward to seeing how much I will learn and grow these next few years,” expressed Fabiola Vera, “I know that IB will help me grow as a student, so I am better prepared for the future.”

MYP Year 2 Student Musings...

7th grade is a roller coaster with ups and downs. 7th grade has a mixture of easy and hard assignments, but it also is very enjoyable. You have many school activities, for example you get to enjoy the Color Run, participate in different sports, and go on different field trips.

I have learned lots of new things, so far, in 7th grade. In math, I have learned about how to add and subtract integers. And, in science, I have learned about the nature of science and all its factors. I have enjoyed all of my classes this year, and I can say it’s been a great start. Another thing I like is that I get to choose the elective that I want, which is art.

With that said, this year we got a new rotation of our classes. On Mondays, we visit all of our classes; and the rest of the week, we change between A and B day. On day A, we have periods 3, 5, and 7. On day B we have 2nd, 4th and 6th periods. This rotation gives us the opportunity to learn more in class.

Author- Alyssa C., MYP Year 2

MYP Year 3 Things to Know

Every year, our MYP Year 3 students have the opportunity to attend the East Coast Field Trip. This year we have over 30 MYP students who will be jetting off to the East Coast in May. Students will be ending their MYP school years by visiting New York City and Washington, D.C. They will celebrate with fellow classmates in the Big Apple and visit several famous landmarks, like the Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower, and Radio City Music Hall. They will View New York City from atop the Freedom Tower, meet a real live Rockette, and take selfies in Times Square. But, the fun doesn’t stop there. After visiting the city that never sleeps, they are off to Washington, D.C., where they will tour the United States Capitol building, home to the House of Representatives and the Senate, walk the Arlington Cemetery, and witness the elaborate ceremonial Changing of the Guard. If you are a MYP Year 2 student you will not want to miss out on this exciting trip next year!

Also, exclusively for the class of 2019, we offered the Bulldog Package. The package includes the yearbook, class picture, prom ticket and picture, class shirt, commemorative bag, and Universal/Islands of Adventure Gradventure trip!

Upcoming Events

Service Expo

Tuesday, Oct. 2nd, 6pm

18800 Pines Boulevard

Pembroke Pines, FL

Come to learn about organizations that work with middle school volunteers so your child can meet his or her Service as Action quarterly requirement!

Other Upcoming Events

Springs Safari Field Trip (MYP Year 2)- October 4 & 5

Boosterthon Fun Run (K-5)/Color Run (MYP)- October 12

Hispanic Heritage Celebration- October 16

End of Quarter 1/Early Release Day- October 18

No School/Teacher Planning- October 19

National Red Ribbon Week- October 23-31

Character Counts! Assembly- October 25

Storybook Parade (K-5)- October 26

Quarter 1 Report Cards Issued- October 26

Franklin High School Field Trip (MYP Year 3)- October 31