Relaxing, Connecting & Healing

at Lake Balaton in Hungary

What is this Event About?

It is Group Trip to Hungary to experience Adventure, Spiritually and Healing. I would like to travel with all of you into an Inner Journey to Explore, Grow and Evolve. This will bring external changes in your life that will bring more peace, happiness and abundance to your personal and professional life.

21st September 2016 - 25th September 2016
4 nights - 5 days in Balaton lake in Hungary
The Hotel has direct access to the lake, a full Spa with free access and many comfortable areas to relax and heal.

The Programme

The program by day will be co-created, I will present a backlog of ideas, goals, and lectures, and we as group, will decide what we need to focus on during the event. On the following points I would like to share the major topics of such a backlog:

• Human Emotions and how they affect our Relationships

• The Observer and The Thinker - The source of fear and mental worries

• The Energy of Your Body - How to Sustain Vitality and Health

• The Co-Creator within - How to manifest the dreams of your heart

• Practices of Silence, Contemplation and Meditation

• Levels of Consciousness and how life-views and needs evolve as we grow

• Personal Power and how it is lost in childhood and then how it can be recovered in adulthood

• What is to be positive without losing the sense of reality

• Healing old and painful wounds

• Embracing our Shadows, the dark and golden light-qualities we all have

• Life Purpose and how to center ourselves in a meaningful life

• Connect to Nature and Spiritual Beings as a way for Spiritual Awakening

This list is my input, what I can offer based on my many years and lifetimes on this path. At the same time, I will remain open for your questions and topics you can bring, for me is crucial to include everyone with love and gratitude for what each person can share and offer. So that, do not hesitate to bring your own topics this Group Travel.

Participation - How to Register

Participation - How to Register

The participation for this spiritual seminar is 850 euro. In case we are a group of more than 5 people there will be a discount of 10% per person.

For the detailed info about this trip visit: or contact us at