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from hopping kangroos to yummy tasting food

yummy food!

Look at these great food! Austrailans food was orginary baesd on bristish tradition and a heavy meat dish. Australia eat more red meat per person than, people in any other nations expect New Zealand! The main things they eat are bush tucker, asian food! But there is no particualar diet anymore, be sure to try these entersting foods

history/culture/and the arts

Go look at all these cool culture and history art! They have the biggest festival of the Australia calendar (Christmas)! On jan 26 each year Australia celebrate Australia day to mark the landing is staged! They are close identification with america culture! And also some are old fashioned! Be sure to find all these things.


Australians got great entertainment! The Sydney opera house to hear some singing! The great barrier reef to swim with some fish! Paronella park to see the pretty envirment! Manspied zoo to see amazing animals. In your day find time for some entertainment

Landmarks/Historical sights

Here is some interesting facts... They are the sixth largest country! There is a great outback..! Austraila is mostly a flat desert uncleared country that Australia call the bush! Australia is a federation of states with a parmentary system of government! They got some great facts about them!


Did you know must of their language is English? Australians don't have a official language but it is larger English with some monolingual. But there is a bit of English, Aboriginal.
Australians mostly chose language as there language! English is spoken 78.5%


Do you like tropical weather! In summer you can wear jeans and a short sleeve shirt. In winter you can wear short and a short sleeve shirt. Summer in Austraila range from hot to very hot! Winters are similar to the mediterrn country of the Europe, calfornia, untied states