Pronoun Smore

Subjective case pronouns

When your using I or she

Example: I am watching Fairy Tail

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Objective case pronouns

Pronouns using me or him or her.

Example: I was so made I almost punched h͟i͟m͟.

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Possessive pronouns

Pronouns using mine or yours

Example: This McDonalds is mine.

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Compound personal pronouns

Pronouns using myself or ourselves

Example: Believe in myself.

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Referring back to someone

Example: Natsu blew something up. He Got sued 5 minutes later.

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Demonstrative pronouns

Referring back to an object

Example: I love the fairy tail manga. Last year I read all of them

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Numeral pronouns

Pronouns using numbers

Example: today I saw Dragon Slayers fighting dragons, there were 7

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Indefinite pronouns

Using words like everyone

Example: Everyone in the Fairy tail guild is a family

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Interrogative pronouns

Pronouns that ask questions

Example: who is your favorite Fairy Tail member, my favorite character is Bickslow and Freed

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