Come to Lenovo Elementary

The School for the Autistic

We can help your kids to accomplish great goals!

Lenovo is a great school for kids, ages five through twelve, with an autistic disorder. This school is good for helping autistic kids get to know others like them and help them to come out of their shell. Autism is a hard disorder to cope with, and here, we show them just what they can accomplish. They can develop new friends and feel more confident around individuals like them. We work one on one with those he need the help in different skills. We strive to show kids that they are not alone in life, there are others that will understand them better, who go through just as much as they do. We will work hard to help improve your childs communication skills, and learning skills. You can put your trust in Lenovo.

Lenovo, school for the autistic.

Hours : Monday through Thursday, 8am to 2pm