FHMS Volume 2, 01/21/14

Tuesday Tech Tips

Tech Tip 1: Three More Great Apps for Any Curriculum

  • Tagxedo
  • Whether or not you want to use this with CC for class, or a getting to know you activity with any elective or core class, you can easily adapt this to suit your lesson-it's a great creative tool for you and your classes! If you like WORDLE, you'll love this amped up version!

  • Smore
  • If you like the layout for our FHMS Tuesday Tech Tips, you might want to consider using this with your classes-book reviews, creating ads health, news flyers for historical events-the possibilities abound...use not only for instructional purposes, but better yet, Smore allows students to easily and quickly show what they know in a creative, current format

  • STUDYBLUE Flashcards
  • More than just another 'flashcard' maker-this app allows you to create study sessions, quizzes and access hundreds of cards already created...web/mobile based

#3: Private Printing Tip Sheet

I know that Lindsay sent this out to everyone-it's also on the 's' drive...FYI

Click here

NEXT ISSUE: Is Social Media for YOU, more TECH Tips and Free Online Learning Opportunities

  • Building Tech Contacts...
  • Cheryl Seller
  • Dee Moylan