The American Kentucky long rifle

The effect it had on the on the revolutionary war

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Research questions

1. What would happen if the rifling in the Kentucky long rifle had never been invented.

2. If the Americans had never used the Kentucky long rifle what might have been the out come of the war.

Supporting Facts

1. The Americans used the long rifle to shoot from covered locations outside of the range of British musket fire.

2. The Americans used the gained range to there advantage by picking off British officers leaving the British confused without leadership on the battle field.

3. German immigrates invented the Kentucky long rifle by adding the rifling technology they had in Germany.

4. By adding rifling to the gun it added range and accuracy.

5. American sharpshooters could accurately take shot in access of 200 yards much further than the British.

6. The rifle gave the Americans the upper hand on the battle feild. By allowing them to use more of gorilla style attack on the British who were not trained in this kind of battle.

Research Answers

1. If the rifling in the Kentucky long rifle had never been invented the American troops would've had to fight on open battle feilds were the British had the upper hand. The rifling allowed the Americans to control the battle feild and the extended range of the gun possible saved countless lives.

2. If the the Americans didi not use the Kentucky long rifle they might have lost the war. The new battle tactics the the rifle allowed the Americans to use was a desicive part in the winning of the war.

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