Gifted and Talented Myths

Gifted and Talented Module 2

Gifted and Talented Myths

Three Big Ideas

1. Learners with learning disabilities can be gifted and talented. Sometimes, a learning disability can mask a gifted ability in a child.

2 The social and emotional needs of a gifted learner are the same as their peers.

3. Gifted learners do not necessarily act as good role models for nongifted learners.

Research shows that a struggling learner's self-confidence can be harmed when they

look up to a gifted learner who is expected to succeed.

Two Remaining Questions

1. How can we better identify learners with disabilities as gifted and talented?

2. Once identified as gifted & talented and learning disabled, how do you meet both needs in the classroom?

One Idea to be Implemented Immediately

1. While many dyslexic students have special gifts other that decoding the English language, it is important to remember that any gifted learners in my classes can learn and apply what they know at a level above their age.