Mrs. Barton's Busy Bees

September 27, 2015

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Monarch Caterpillars

By Friday all four caterpillars had formed a chrysalis! We are hoping when we arrive Monday morning we will see a Monarch Butterfly.
Scholastic Book Order

September's Book order is due on Monday the 28th! The class code is GZVLJ.

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Skills at a Glance

This past week we.....

  • reviewed long a spelling patterns in phonics
  • learned how to break off endings to decode root words in phonics
  • identified the predicate of various sentences in grammar
  • learned how to ask and answer different types of questions in reading
  • supported our answers with evidence from the text in reading
  • identified time to the hour and half hour in math
  • identified and added coins in math
  • compared 2 numbers in math
  • began our Eco-Adventurers unit in science

AR Books

We went to the computer lab and completed 2 AR quizzes. Now that everyone had a refresher on how to log in...children will be encouraged to complete AR quizzes in the classroom.
Spelling City

Click here to complete an activity on Spelling City! Click Search- Teacher/Parent- type my name in Laura Barton. My list will be the first Laura Barton. In the message to parents I have "JES students".

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Baby Wipes

Thank you for all of the donations! We are set for baby wipes now:)
Jacksonville School Website

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