By Zelie Maloney


Jamestown is not just a place in Virginia. It has a lot more to it

Pocahontas is a important person in the Jamestown colony. John Smith is one of the firsts on the Jamestown island. Also the Jamestown Indians were the first on the land. If the wars and fighting didn't take place what would it be today.


Pocahontas was Powhatan's favorite daughter. She was an amazing woman. Pocahontas was a very brave woman. She placed her own head on a stone to save John Smiths life. Her other name was Matoka. The name Pocahontas means playful one. She was a peace maker. She was invited to dinner with the English captains. She fell asleep and woke up captured. She was forced into Christianity. Then she married John Rolfe and moved to New England. As well she changed her name to Rebecca. She fell in love with England and was admired. Then her and John Rolfe had a child named Thomas. Pocahontas later died in England. That is why Pocahontas is such a strong women .

John Smith

John Smith played a huge role in forming Jamestown's history. John Smith was born in Willoughby England. He was sold as a slave. But he later escaped and returned back to England. He than became a soldier. Then he and his ship landed on Jamestown Island. When they arrived they named it after King James. John Smith treated the Indians harshly and they treated them bad as well. He was later injured in a gun powder accident a bag of gun powder blew up in his lap. Without John Smith what would Jamestown be today?

Jamestown Indians

The Jamestown Indians were a very small but powerful tribe. The Jamestown Indians had over 30 tribes with in it! After John Smith left the Indians put up barriers. As well the Indians worshiped animal spirits. Powhaton later died. His son took his place and caused riots. They then kidnapped a bunch of people. The Jamestown Indians were very powerful and great leaders.


This is why Jamestown is what it is today. Pocahontas was a very important person in Jamestown history. John Smith was a great part of making Jamestown. The Jamestown Indians helped Jamestown be what it is today. This is why Jamestown is such a great place today.


1. Captured- The act of taking someone prisoner.
2. Kidnapped-To take someone by force in order to keep prisoner.
3. Slave- Someone who is legally owned by another person without pay


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