Interactive and Collaborative Learning Tool

What is it?

A Smartboard is an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for user input to help improve learning outcomes in the classroom. It can be used to deliver lessons, move images and objects around on the screen, write notes in digital ink and save in-class work

How is this useful for learning and instruction?

  • Able to insert videos, simulations, and images

  • Good for tactile and visual learners

  • Allows teacher to document collaborative classwork and save it for future reference

  • Engages students through direct involvement in the lesson

  • Live manipulation of objects, allows for more flexible lessons

How To Set Up A SmartBoard

Applications and Constraints

  • Teacher will need to set up lessons and flash games on smart notebook prior to class
  • Access to laptop, program, Smartboard, projector is essential
  • May need to purchase/access product key to use program
  • Not all schools will have access to them, and most schools will have limited access
  • Does need testing and practice to become familiar with Smartboard
  • Students can get distracted from task easily and start playing around with the Smartboard

5 Tips and Tricks for the SmartBoard

Strengths and Weaknesses

Other Resources