Scottsboro Trial and Tom Robinson

By: Christine Nguyen

Scottsboro Trial

This case was about nine black guys who raped girls. This happened during the Depression era in the 1900's. They went on the bus who had mainly male and young blacks and whites rode the Southern railroads from Chattanooga to Memphis on March 25th, 1931.Nine blacks were captured, soon to be called "The Scottsboro Boys". Some on the guys who raped the girls got death sentences.

Tom Robinson Trial (TKAM)

This case was about Tom Robinson who "raped" Mayella Ewell. Atticus Finch ( Tom's lawyer ) was defending Tom Robinson against Bob Ewell ( Mayella's dad ). Tom was accused of raping Bob Ewell's daughter Mayella. Bob said he saw Tom raping his girl and she was punched on the right eye and was beaten pretty bad. Tom's story was that Mayella tried to kiss him because she said " I've never kissed a man like you before". But Tom refused. Day after day.. the trial went on, and Tom Robinson was guilty. He was shot seven times until he was dead. And A few days later Bob Ewell was killed.

Here are some of the people from the book...

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Why are these alike?

These are alike because both cases/trials are about a man raping girls. Who are mistaken as guilty even though they were not. They let the other side win and they both got killed or had a death sentence.