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I can understand when it is important to put the needs of others above my own.

This is maybe one of my favorite statements in our core values. I think there is a strong truth in the way this statement is worded. As teachers, we give, and give, and give. Sometimes to the point where the tank is empty. We have to remember that our needs are important as well. Part of service is knowing when to put others' needs above your own and knowing when to put yourself first. You cannot care for others unless you first care for yourself. It is important to serve, it is important to give to others, but it is also paramount that you take care of your own needs as well. The difficult part of this statement is distinguishing between the two. Knowing where the balance lies and where to give to this or that aspect of our lives can be difficult. Educators often struggle with this balance; we are people of service, after all. Make sure you find this balance this week. Give to others, but also take care of your own needs so you can continue to give.

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Cardinal Recognitions:

We made it to Spring Break! Thank you to everyone for your continued efforts to make this school year a success!

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 29: Grateful Friday Challenge:

I know that you know without looking at this message that today is Friday. We have had our eye on this day since… well… is the last day of Winter Break too far back? Right now, I’m thinking not. Anyway, this past week we got to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This got me thinking about luck. Some people seem to have a lot of good luck; some people seem to have bad luck. I have heard we make our own by how hard we work. I know that there are many quotes about luck (besides the one with this message) that I wanted to make this post about. So, I went to do a 3-second search. (I really tried and put in at least double the time kids put into researching things right before Spring Break.) I found this site from 2016. Honestly, this past year has been so long all of this should sound relatively new. This site has a quote a day about luck for March: 31 Quotes about Making Your Own Luck. If you have time to read through it, you might notice a trend- it’s not luck; it’s hard work that puts us in the situation to be great. We have all been working hard; we are all right about at a breaking point. We are tired of the grind. But this is where we start to enhance our luck. This is where we begin to push from good to great. This is where the horse sees the barn and the light at the end of the tunnel. This is where we prove to ourselves that we can and will make it through this school year. Things are beginning to look like we might get a few normal days out of this year. And, we might look at those days and think: we are so lucky. We need to remember that it’s not luck; it’s happening because when things got hard, when times were low, and when it would have been easier to throw in the towel -- WE DID NOT QUIT.

Aren’t we all so lucky?

Enjoy your break! With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Stephen Burk

Mr. Burk's Environmental Science students are studying renewable and non-renewable resources. After discussing non-renewable resources' advantages and disadvantages in class, the students went to the science lab to complete a gallery walk. Students rotated to different stations to learn more about different types of resources that can be used to make energy in our world.

Ethan Coffman

Mr. Coffman's Alegbra I students are multiplying binomials. Students worked through the multiplication of the binomial by using the box method. Students work through some problems together and tried some challenge problems on their own. Students then had time to create a plan of attack for their assignments and spent the class working through what they needed to be successful. Mr. Coffman worked with individual students to help support them during work time.

Amy Peddie

Mrs. Peddie's EL students have spent time during class learning how to make soap. After making the soap, students had to create a presentation that helps to market and sell their soap. Guests came into the classroom so students could present what they have learned. The guests then voted on the best presentation and best overall soap that was created.

Riley Kown

Mrs. Kown's Algebra one students are learning how to multiply two binomials. Mrs. Kown began by reviewing the distributive property. The students then used what they know about distributive property to predict how they would multiply two binomials. After the students made their predictions, Mrs. Kown introduced the FOIL method and how it connected to the distributive property. The students then went back and applied this knowledge to solidify their understanding of the FOIL method and multiplying polynomials.

Educational Humor

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