The Summit Gazette

By: Rebecca and Dane

Johnny's back! Late last night in Summit, Alabama Johnny Dorset was returned to his father, Ebenezer Dorset. He was kidnapped by two men that Johnny called Snake eyes and Old Hank. They wanted his father’s money to commit a scheme in Illinois, so they kidnapped Johnny, so that his father would pay around $2000 to get his son back. Ebenezer Dorset did not pay any money to get Johnny back, instead he made the kidnappers pay him. We interviewed Johnny Dorset and asked “Johnny, how did it feel to be kidnapped?” No answer, instead he throws a rock at the reporter. We came back later when he was restrained and asked him again “How did it feel to get kidnapped?” He said “Well, I was playing my evening game of how many times I have to throw rocks at the kitten before it dies. Then they came up to me and asked me if I wanted a ride and some candy. Then I hit “Old Hank” with a piece of brick and then they just took me. I wasn't scared at all, I mean the first time I saw them I threw a brick at one of them.” “Johnny, after they kidnapped you did they keep you hostage in a car” “Nope, they took me to a cave and boy I tell you I had so much fun the past couple days. I practically played scouts the whole time, they fed me, I got to sleep on the ground like an animal, so I mean it was great.” “Well, Johnny that’s all the time we have...” Then he was off, he just has to play his evening game of throwing rocks at kittens.