By Allie Peck

Physical Properties of Mars

Mars has a striking red color that when opposite from the sun is two times brighter then the brightest star. The greater part of Mars appears to be a vast desert in a red and orange color. Dust storms that accure can change all it's surface details.
Curiosity Has Landed: Mars Rover Touches Down On Red Planet


Mars orbit around the sun is in a oval shape and it takes 687 earth days to make a full orbit around the sun. Mars rotates on its axis measured to be about 24 degrees from a perpendicular position. The rotation accures every 24 hrs and 37 min.


Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and the seventh largest planet measuring the diameter at 6,794. It is located between earth (our planet) and jupitor (the fifth plant from the sun).

Fun Facts About Mars!

1. The month march was named after mars

2. Mars nickname is the red planet

3. Mars has three large volcanoes on the surface that are not erupting

4. Mars does not have tectonics plates