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I.D-ing tools and their use. Useful for life! Mr. J Ag Mech

Let's read the details!

QR codes holds large amounts of data in a small space.

Skitch annotations

http://evernote.com/skitch/ Get your point across with fewer words using annotation, shapes and sketches, so that your ideas become reality faster.

Presentations are all the rage!

Presentation software that gets the word out.

Websites that work

Tool ID and Safety. "Know how to use your shop tools" presentations

1. Students are required to use at least 2 of these online and personal device app tools to create a presentation over shop tool ID, use and safety.

2. Students are to choose:

5- Hand Tools on the the list handed out on 9/16/14

5- Hand power tools from the list

5- Stationary Power tools from the list

* if you missed 10 or more on your pre-assessment, you are required to pick an additional 10 tools to be in your presentation.

3. Students need to have a MINIMUM of a picture, tool name, description of its use, any safety that is required to operate or use and where it can be purchased with the associated cost. Purchasing from amazon or any other web based store is not allowed. Students can choose to create a presentation on power point, but an annotation software such as skitch needs to be used to convey some of the information. Students can choose to create a poster board presentation such as a science fair project board, but there needs to be apps used like skitch or QR codes so that students are interactive and get more from the presentation.

4. Students are encouraged to be creative with this and spend the time developing their project. The more time that is spent, the better the grade will be.

5. All material needs to be sited and a bibliography completed to receive full credit. A minimum of 5 sources are required.

6. Use the rubric to as a guideline for preparing the presentation.

7. The project is due 9/24/2014. Presentations will begin that day!

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The technology is great, but in an area where we don't have much technology, it limited the in class participation aspect of the project. I spend about 12 hours developing the project and applying it to the smore page. I really needed to develop another aspect to the project so I could incorporate more technology. Maybe a quiz to pre assess the knowledge the kids gained by doing the earlier research and bringing it to class to be ready for the smore presentation and the assignment.