Rights and Responsibilities


  • Every student has the right to be unique and not part of a group
  • Every student has a right to learn as mush as they possibly can without hindrance or harassment
  • Every student has the responsibility to respect this right in their peers
  • Every student has the right to expect positive and respectful relationships
  • I have the responsibility to stick to the classroom rules negotiated by the teacher and student.


  • I have the right to teach in an environment where the teaching/learning process is respected
  • I have the responsibility to maintain a safe environment for the students
  • I have the right be respected as a professional by all individuals
  • I have the responsibility to be caring and prepared to and to resolve, to the best of my ability, problems that occur with students
  • I have the right to expect behavior from students which contributes to a positive class atmosphere

Assertive strategies to ensure you are being treated appropriately

  • To make sure you have a voice which is heard
  • To say what you want to in a tone that isn't rude, whining and aggressive
  • Being able to say no
  • Dealing criticism and also giving constructive criticism
  • Being able to disagree positively
  • Being able to behave how you choose

Health promotion services

  • Your G.V fot the teacher or student
  • Kids Helpline No. 1800 55 1800 for student, teens and young adults
  • Beyond Blue No. 1300 22 4636 for student and teacher
  • Parents for student
  • School counselor or Learning advisor