chasing vermeer by blue balliett

final project

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plot summery

the book chasing vermeer is about 2 kids a girl named petra and a boy named calder.There are three mysterious letters delivered to three seperate people by a mysterious person.The story takes place in Chicago.In the book the number 12 means something in the mystery.

Calder uses a set of puzzle pieces named pentominoes and uses them to solve the mystery of the vermeer painting.They use blue m&m's to symbolize a clue or coinsedence.Even though they are kids they can still solve a mystery and they are very smart because they found all the clues even when the police couldn't and wasn't really doing a lot to help get the lady back to the museum

kids opinions do matter and kids can do as much as adults can do.

kids opinion do matter and they can do as much as adults can do they can even solve mystery's that not even the police or the fbi can do even though when they do solve it the authority's don't believe them. mrs. hussey encouraged them to be creative and that their opinions matter because she would listen to them and want to learn from her students too.

The book

In this book you have to look at the ilistrations because they are very important to the story calder and his friend have a code when they write to each other and you will want to decode it because it will help you understand the story you should also keep track of the characters too just in case they come back later in the story


pentominoes are a puzzle that can be solve in many different ways and they all fit together to makes a rectangle or a square and they are important to the story and as are frogs too.
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The blue m&m's

In the story you will learn that the blue m&m's represent a coincidence or a clue that they have found they chose the blue on because those are Calder and petra's favorite flavor because it tastes different then all the other colors they then will record the coincidence in petra's notebook to keep track of them all throughout the story