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Advanced Choices:

  1. YouTube for Teachers
  2. Advanced Personal Learning Network
  3. Office 365 in the Classroom
  4. Using Excel in the STEM Classroom

COURSE 1: YouTube for Teachers

This training will be a webinar.

Date: 9/14/16

Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Link to Webinar: (coming soon)

Link to recorded webinar: Will be posted AFTER live webinar.


Watch live or recorded webinar and do ONE of the following:

  • Create a channel
  • Subscribe to a channel that relates to what you teach.
  • Create a playlists to share with students or for your own use.
  • Customize a video you have uploaded.
  • Create an EdPuzzle to use in class.

COURSE 2: Advanced Personal Learning Network

Description: In this course you'll learn how to continue to build your PLN. This includes introducing to advanced resources that will help you to continue to build your PLN, but also how to begin sharing resources you discover or create.

Date: 9/20/16

Time: 3:00-4:00 PM

Location: KHS LAB (TBD)


  1. Attend training
  2. Select a tool you learned about in the webinar and begin sharing resources you discover and create.
  3. Share your URL for that tool in Edmodo.

COURSE 3: Getting Started w/OneDrive

This course is being offered by the Digital Learning Department this summer. Please attend their online or face to face training for credit on this course.

DIG3345 - 16TECH: Getting Started with OneDrive

Assignment: Attend face to face training offered by FBISD Digital Learning Dept. Once completed, please upload proof you've completed the course in Edmodo under one of the assignment for main course. To save file or email as a PDF, click File>Save as PDF and save to your H: Drive. Then, upload file in Edmodo.

COURSE 4: Using Excel in the STEM classroom

DELETED - I was going to collaborate with another DLS and we were not able to make that happen.