Lombard District 44 Update

Monthly News from Lombard Elementary District 44

Lombard District 44 Seeks to Bring Community Together, Develop New Focus

In an effort to develop a common focus and vision for Lombard District 44, Superintendent Ted Stec has launched a year-long strategic planning process. Known as Connect 44, the goal is to develop a 3-5 year outlook for the district that is reflective of the needs of the Lombard school community.

“Since becoming superintendent, you have heard me continually reference what I feel is fundamental to our success as a district, and that is that we are all in this together,” Stec said. “With the new administration now in place, we have an incredible opportunity to look forward and begin to define the future of Lombard District 44. I am hopeful you will be part of this journey with us, which begins today with the official launch of our strategic planning process -- Connect 44.”

To learn more about this process, please click here. Staff, parents and community members can expect frequent communication about this effort, which is expected to take place throughout most of the 2018-19 school year.

Deadline is THIS FRIDAY for Parent, Staff and Community Surveys

A critical element to the strategic planning process is gathering input to determine the current needs, perspectives and priorities of our community. One way to gather this data is through surveys the district recently pushed out to all staff, parents, and community members. Please take 10 minutes today to complete your respective survey. These surveys are completely anonymous.

Parent Survey (English)

Parent Survey (Spanish)

Community Survey

Staff Survey

District 44 to Host Informational Evening about Dual Language Program

The 2018-19 school year marks the first year of the Dual Language Program in Lombard District 44, which seeks to promote high academic achievement across all content areas in an environment that embraces diversity and strives for excellence.

In an effort to continue building support and interest in the program, District 44 will host an informational night for parents. This will take place on Thursday, September 27 from 6-7 pm at the Administration Center, 150 W. Madison Street, Lombard.

Students in the Dual Language Program will become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural. Parents are encouraged to come out and learn more about this incredible program!

Inside Our Schools: Recognizing and Celebrating Milestone Moments

There are amazing milestones and achievements happening in our schools throughout Lombard District 44 each day. While many of these are captured in real time and shared via our social media channels, we recognize not all of our public may be social media users or like to receive information in that way. Therefore, the district has launched a new section on its website dedicated to sharing these moments.

If you are interested in sharing your own unique moment, please e-mail communications@sd44.org. This section will be frequently updated with good news items shared with the district by our parents, teachers and staff members.

Please visit the webpage today for items that have been shared so far this month, which include the following:

Chicago Magazine Ranks Butterfield School as a Top School in DuPage County

STEAM-centered Video Launch Party Planned at Westlake

Park View Students Provide Fresh Food Options to Local Pantry

Summer Reading Program a Success at Butterfield, Madison and Manor Hill schools

Welcome All New Staff!

In effort to recognize all our new staff members to the district, we wanted to officially welcome the following individuals. We offer our sincerest apologies to those who were not included in last month's video, as all of you are an important addition to Lombard District 44.

  • Jennifer Adamczyk, Instructional Assistant, Park View
  • Tod Altenburg, Director of Employee and Labor Relations, Administration Center
  • Eunice Antonio, Instructional Assistant – Structured, Manor Hill
  • Nicole Bailey, Grade 6 Science, Glenn Westlake
  • Rebecca Baldauf, Instructional Assistant, Park View
  • Savannah Bays, Early Childhood Blended Teacher, John Schroder Elementary
  • Paula Berrier, Instructional Assistant, Pleasant Lane
  • Sanli Brandmeyer, Speech Language, Park View and Manor Hill
  • Vivian Calles Palicki, Instructional Assistant, Madison
  • Vita Caruso, Special Education Teacher-MIP, Pleasant Lane
  • Florence Castro, 2nd Grade Teacher, Pleasant Lane
  • Julie Condon, Instructional Assistant – Blended, John Schroder
  • Alison Eaton, Kindergarten Teacher, Park View
  • Kristin Ellis, Speech Language Pathologist, John Schroder
  • Kaitlin Flanigan, Social Worker, Butterfield
  • Kimberly Foster, School Psychologist, John Schroder
  • Michael Fumagalli, Principal, Westlake
  • Andrea Geigner, Instructional Facilitator, Park View
  • Shannon Gill, Instructional Assistant, Manor Hill
  • Alyssa Gorecki, EC Blended Teacher, John Schroder
  • Daniel Grajczyk, Custodian – Night, District Wide
  • Alison Grant, Kindergarten Teacher, Park View
  • Maureen Haneberg, Differentiation Specialist, Manor Hill
  • Annette Hanson, Instructional Facilitator, Butterfield
  • Sufia Haque, Instructional Assistant, Hammerschmidt
  • Peter Harris, 5th Grade Teacher, Butterfield
  • Melissa Lavin, Instructional Assistant- RISE, Butterfield
  • Mandi Leicht, Lunchroom Supervisor, Madison
  • Kyle Lickel, Language Arts - 8th Grade, Glenn Westlake
  • Mary Luna, Instructional Assistant – EL, Manor Hill
  • Lyndsey Liverar, 1st Grade Teacher, Hammerschmidt
  • Bora Marku, Instructional Assistant, Madison
  • Melinda Martin, Grade 1 Teacher, Madison
  • Mariam Meah, Lunchroom Supervisor, Madison
  • Brianna Meath, Instructional Assistant, Hammerschmidt
  • Tara McCloskey, Noontime Clerk, John Schroder
  • Kirstin McGinnis, Instructional Facilitator, Madison
  • Jennifer Nimke, Director of Communications and Strategic Planning, Administration Center
  • Shannon O’Connor, Instructional Assistant – Structured, Manor Hill
  • Kiera Oshiro, Instructional Assistant – Structured, Manor Hill
  • Neil Perry, Chief Operations Officer, Administration Center
  • Kaitleen Quilico, Special Education Teacher (RISE), Butterfield
  • Henry Ramirez, EL Bilingual Spanish Teacher, Manor Hill
  • Vicki Sayles, Custodian – Night, Butterfield
  • Amy Schmidt, Social Worker, John Schroder
  • Courtney Schwebel, Instructional Assistant, Glenn Westlake
  • Brett Sharkey, Chief Academic Officer, Administration Center
  • Jessica Strickland, 5th Grade Teacher, Butterfield
  • Saba Syed, EL Bilingual Urdu Teacher, Manor Hill
  • Rita Tameling, 1st Grade Teacher, Pleasant Lane