News investigations

By: Garrett Paustian

Target is giving away money to get you to shop

The articol was on Target will be giving way free money on black friday. People who go in on black friday they will get a free gift card on any items. Some discounts, including $50 off of Beats headphones and $10 off an Apple TV, only apply if customers order online and pick up their items at a store. In my openion this is a really good this is a really good idea because its good for Target and its good for the customers. I was interested in this artical because christmas is coming up and its is a good idea for christmas ideas. Its important because people can people can get birthday presents, christmas presents and other gifts. I would put this topic under demand because Target is giving away free money.

For Sale: Renovated Luxury Condo

This artical is about luxery pools and if people can afford it. Some people cant afford a luxery pool along with a hot tub. I was interested in this artical because I like to swim, I saw that reading and I just wanted to know how much that hot tub and pool went for it sold for $3 billion dollars. Its important to the economy because people that are really rich can buy a house that they want. I would put this one under demand because because its a person selling a condo to another person.

October Jobs Data Show Solid Employment Growth

The economy put in 214,000 jobs in October, less than the 248,000 produced in September, just enough to continue pushing the unemployment rate downwerd. President Barak Obama says that this country made real progress when the crisis was six years ago. Now more americans are working at stores and other places but they are finding jobs. I was interested in this because it explains about jobs and this affects my generation. Its important because people in my generation don't have to worry about getting a job. I would put this under surplus because it talks about how people can get a job and the employment rate goes up.

Episode 580: The Other Side Of The Pump

This is about how not to long ago gas prices where under $3.00 dollars when that happened I thought it was because they where getting more oil out of the ground but its because prices of oil have been failing since summer, News reporters are out at gas stations asking people how they feel about good they feel now that the prices are down. It talks about how they are finding more oil in the pumps because they are drilling down deeper. It was interesting because I was wondering why the gas prices went down. It was interesting because one day it was at $3.89 and the next day it was at $2.74 I was happy then it went back up. It was important because you didn't have to pay as much for gas per gallon. I would put this one under opportunity cost because prices went down and people bought more gasoline.

Smoke pot legally? You can still get fired

It talks about how in some states it legal to smoke pot but if you smoke pot on your own time and go to work but you don't smell like you smoke and your work finds out about it you can get fired for smoking pot. Even with medical pot you can get fired because you can smoke it on your own time but if you go to work and your still hight off of it you can get fired. Thats what happened to that one guy who worked for dish network where he smoked on his own time but it was medical pot and he still got fired for it. I thought it was interesting because I thought it was illegal in states but in some states it is not illegal but if you smoke it then go to work you can still get fired and you can get fired if you fail the drug test. I thought this was important because if you smoke pot and can ruin your life I even saw what it can do to you when my sister was in the loopy ben and it doesn't look good at all. I think I would put this under household because people can smoke it on there own time but if they go to work they can get fired for it even though it doesn't seem like they smoke pot and they don't smell like it.