Day Zero!

What's possible?

A trial for this year..

2 days set aside to play with...

- new time structures - students and staff

- staffing ratios

- modes of delivery

- special projects

Day Zero - Take 1

Tuesday, Sep. 30th, 8:30am-3:15pm

38 Siena Avenue Discovery Bay

Because we can....

- A different learning opportunity for students

- Build opportunities for more personal responsibility

- Allow interdisciplinary work

- Use different chunks of time to deliver aspects of our programme

- Allow us to work on special projects

- Field trips

- Use space differently

Whatever we can imagine, we can make happen...

- A year level together for a day working how they choose to, with whom they choose to,

where they choose to, deciding what tasks they have to complete.

- Field trips without impact - take a class, a year level, a course, to a venue for the day

- IDO - 2 or more subjects combining resources to deliver aspects of an IDO

- Deans delivering aspects of the SSP

- LAs goal setting with LT

- Maths front-loading a unit of Algebra to all of Year 9

- Design allowing Year 10 to work across all disciplines, towards an outcome

- 2 blocks? 3 blocks? 4 blocks? whole day?

- Cross sector work with primary?

- CAS/HEC time?

- No Boundaries preparation?

- English delivering writing workshop

- Guest Speakers + workshop

- Special projects - MYP Steering Cttee

What questions / thoughts / ideas, do you have?

Possible dates forward...

Friday 19/9 - collate ideas

Tue 23/9 - draft timetable out

Fri 26/9 - timetable finalised

Release time for those who need it, to plan

Communicate with students and parents as required

Day Zero - Take 2 / Tues 26 May 2015

What did we learn from Sept that will inform May?