Emmanuel Baptist Church

December 20, 2022

EBC Family,

Merry Christmas EBC Family!

I’m looking forward to worshipping with you this Saturday night at 6:00 for our Christmas Eve Service and then again on Sunday morning at 10:45. As believers in Christ, we can enjoy this week of the year more than others. Our Christmas experience is not dependent on time with family or gifts that we may receive.

As I’ve listened to Christmas music the past month, so much of it revolves around relationships - either with family or with a significant other. But while human relationships are a good gift from God, they are not what makes this week meaningful. This week is meaningful because God extended a relationship to us in the coming of Jesus! We have fellowship with the Almighty God as our Father! That is why this is a week full of “tidings of comfort and joy”. We have peace with God in Christ. That is what we celebrate this week!

Please join us Wednesday night at 6:00 this week for our special called business meeting. I know that church business is probably the last thing on your mind this week, but we have a sobering recommendation from our Deacons that we need to consider and vote on regarding Derrick Barker’s position as an EBC Deacon. This is not a decision they have come to lightly but the result of many hours of prayer and conversation.

I would encourage you to prepare for the meeting by praying for our church. Pray that the Holy Spirit would grant us insight and discernment. Pray that He would grant us clarity and compassion. Pray that He would help us guard our unity in Christ. Pray against the dissension and division that Satan would attempt to spread among us. This will be a hard conversation, but an important one. Please prepare your hearts and attend.

I’m grateful for Jesus and the Church Family He has given us,

Pastor Clint

Just a Reminder

All gifts given to the church in person, online or postmarked by December 31, 2022 are tax deductible for 2022.

Office hours:

December 20-22 8 am-5 pm

December 27 8 am-5 pm

December 28-30 8 am-3 pm

Church Office Closed

The church office will be closed December 23 and 26.

The church office will also be closed on January 2.

Wednesday Night Changes for December

There will not be a Wednesday night meal December 21 and 28. Meals will resume January 4.

Regularly scheduled Prayer Meeting and EBC Kids will not meet December 21.

Youth are having their annual Christmas party at Roger Howell's home December 21 at 7:00pm.

Caring and Sharing

Thank you Wilma Jean Lovejoy for all of your hard work organizing and setting up for Caring and Sharing! There is so much that goes on behind the scenes and we are thankful for your leadership and servant heart.

Emmanuel, we could not make this happen without all of you. Thank you for your donations. This year we served 160 families, and 550 children!

For next years Caring and Sharing Program, Emmanuel will provide gifts for Boys 8-12 years old. We are expecting at least 95 boys in the age group.

Christmas Services

December 24 at 6:00pm

December 25 at 10:45am

Cook Substitute for EBC Childcare

Occasionally the EBC Childcare Cook is out and we are looking for someone to fill in when that happens. We feed breakfast and lunch to the students and Daycare Workers Monday - Friday.

This can be a volunteer or paid position. Call the church office for details.

Special Called Business Meeting

December 21 at 6:00pm in the Worship Center

Healthy Patterns for Marriage

Join us for a marriage weekend on January 28 from 9:00am - 5:00pm. The cost for each couple is $20. Lunch will be provided. Sign-up on the bulletin board across from the Worship Center.

Last Week at a Glance

Sunday, December 18 2022

Budget Offering

Last Sunday ......................................... $ 7,059.52

YTD Budget Needed ........................... $ 520,842.29

YTD Budget Received ......................... $ 499,516.30

This Month New Building

Receipts This month .......................... $ 9,275.00

Received This Week ........................... $ 400.00


Grow Groups: 115

Family Worship: 170

Online: 61

Sunday Servants

Preschool Care

1/1 Bernard Boekman

Lead Usher

12/25 Robert Walker

1/1 Steve Wichert

Welcome Desk

12/25 (Volunteer Needed)

1/1 (Volunteer Needed)

Deacon of the Week

Larry Wright

Emmanuel Baptist Church





Sunday Services

Grow Groups 9:30am

Family Worship 10:45am

Sunday Nights 6:00pm

Wednesday Night Activities

Church-Wide Meal 5:00pm

KIDS and Youth 6:00pm

Hymns and Prayer 6:00pm

Harbor - College 8:00pm