South Central History

By: Grace Schmitz, Alex Kress, and Gabe Miller

Dust Bowl

How did the dust bowl change life for the south central region?

-the government came in and planted grass and trees.

The trees acted as wind barriers

They restored the grasslands by planting grass

The government taught farmers better farming methods, like how to save the soil.

The government paid the farmers $1 if they used the new farming methods

The government helped people rebuild their farms.

The farmers learned how to grow crops without hurting the land.

The farmers learned how to protect the land.

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Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889

How did the land rush change life in the 1890's for the settlers?

September 16, 1893 a cannons boom unleashed the largest land rush America has ever saw. To claim plots of land in an area of land in northern Oklahoma Territory known as the Cherokee Strip. The impact of the land rush was immediate, transforming the land almost overnight.
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The history of shipping on the Mississippi river

Early in 1824 the US Government through US crops of engines made river transportation more reliable.

The history on the Mississippi river

One of the largest place on on the Mississippi river was St. Louis, Missouri because There were 20,000 homes built in 2,000 years.

Once when the railroad was invented it decreased the traveling on the Mississippi river.

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