Samantha's Journey

The Fight Against Brain Cancer

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As many of you know, Sam has been fighting stage four brain cancer for about 6 months now. With Christmas coming up, it is especially difficult for her mother and family, along with her friends. This has been a long journey for not just Sam but also Nelly, Sam's mom, who has stuck to Sam since the second of the diagnosis. Please spread the word and continue donating to her go fund me link listed below. Thank you for all of the prayers and kind words.
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I love you sam.. I pray every single day and night to hear your voice at least one more time. You're an amazing young lady and I don't want to go another day without you. You fill my heart with nothing but warmth and love. I'm so heartbroken that this has happened to you out of all people but just know everyone will be right by your side no matter what baby. It will be me and you until the sky falls. Love you and miss you babes, please get better. Love ALWAYS!!!! - Lexi