Say no to drugs!

Come with me and be drug-free

Drugs can kill you

If you had the chance to live or die from drugs, wouldn't you want to enjoy your life? Yes, that's what i thought so Don't do drugs! It can kill you, make you sick, and definitely give you damage to your body. Now, i'm going to tell you a couple of facts about Stimulants, Depressants, Inhalants, Narcotics Hallucinogens, and even Medicine.
  • First, i'm going to tell you about Stimulants. Stimulants speeds up your nervous system and it causes your heart rate and breathing to speed up. You can start getting jittery, shaky, and paranoid. Is that how you want to live your life? Some examples of stimulants is caffeine, cocaine crack, marijuana, and steroids.
  • Next, i'm going to tell you about Depressants. Depressants decreases function of the brain and respiration, causes drowsiness, relaxed muscles, slurred speech,confusion and poor concentration. A couple examples are GHB, Alcohol, and tranquilizers.
  • Now, Inhalants can be very dangerous. They are basically breathable chemicals such as paint thinner, cleaning fluid, gasoline, glues, cooking sprays, and whip cream cans. Inhalants act like a depressant and can often cause dizziness, brain damage, and throwing up. Imagine dying in your own backyard from inhaling a household cleaner. That would be sad wouldn't it?
  • Narcotics are drugs that contain opium or opium substitutes. Legal narcotics are different then illegal narcotics. Legal narcotics are given by a doctor to release severe pain. Some examples of legal Narcotics are Morphine, Demoral, Codeine, and Oxycontin Some examples of illegal narcotics are Opium, and heroin which is tar.
  • Finally, Hallucinogens are mind-altering drugs and they can cause hallucinations, flashbacks, and visual/ auditory breakdowns. Hallucinogens can make you see and hear things that aren't really there. Like picture turning around and thinking that you have a red, huge gummy bear running behind you. Now that's not possible is it? PCP, LSD, and Ketamine are just a few examples of Hallucinogens.
  • Last but not least i'm going to tell you about medicines. There are a lot of different types of medicine that are good and bad. I know you've all heard of Aspirin, Tylenol, and Robitussin haven't you? Well those are over the counter drugs. It's basically only bad when you take too much medicine which can cause you to get sick and even possibly die.

So, what i'm trying to tell you is to be drug-free. Why would you want to risk your life with drugs? My point exactly. Don't i repeat DON'T do drugs.