Students Should Have Gum in School

By: Gemma Mesco

Principals Should Allow Gum in School

Gum usually isn't allowed in school but I think this issue should be reviewed for these reasons. First of all it can help you focus on tests, rises brainpower and clenches hunger so you can do better in school. I get why most schools don't allow it because doesn't always get to the garbage. But I honesty thing it should be allowed. Whenever I chew gum I can focus on things better like doing homework , reading etc. and I get less distracted. Also one example that I've experienced, is in 5th grade our teacher gave us gum for a final unit math test and most people who usual have lower school almost exceeded.

Tests That Prove My Issue

Tests say chewing gum can help students stay focus. A test from Baylor College in Medicine tried a test with 8th graders from a charter school to see how grade results would respond, when they would chew gum during a test. Afterwards they found out that students who use the gum had a 3% rise in standard math scores and higher final grades.

"Educators have found that chewinggum can help struggling children with problems like ADD/ADHD," -Shelly Smith

Summing Up Facts

Overall most test results using gum say grades can rise dramatically or help people who have learning disablities focus better, Even though teachers say it always gets stuck under tables, on the floor etc, maybe we could try to monitor that and only give the gum to kids who throw it away. Anyways I think we should allow gum in school or at least in math because that would be where we need that most.

Wrapping Up

Although people think gum is just a piece of sugar people like to chew up when they are bored, it's not. Gum is a education tool like seasonings are to food, they might not seem to important but they can still be used for use.