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HI my name is Fawn Rodriguez and i need HELP. its an emergency! So here's my situation- tomorrow night, i have my Prom. i have my amazing, handsome, and awesome date, planned hair appointment, and my nails are already done. I had a planned makeup appointment, but the place just called and CANCELLED on me! I've tried calling other places to book a makeup appointment tomorrow, but they all said that it is too late of a notice, and that they were already fully booked. Now, I have to go to the store and buy some makeup so i can do it by MYSELF! but there's one problem... I DONT KNOW HOW TO D MAKEUP GOOD ENOUGH FOR PROM! Will you please help me (just eye makeup)? like what products do you recommend? what kind of look should i go for? color recommendations? THANKS xoxo

P.S. my maxi dress is sparky, glittery and silver,and the Prom theme is starry night.

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Hello Mrs.Rodriguez, we have made a few eye makeup product suggestions for you that would be perfect for the look you are going for. Since you do not know how to properly apply makeup, we have given you steps to follow shown below.

Step 1: Apply your Black Sparkly Mac Eye Shadow to the base of your eyelid. blend more harshly from the outer corner and work your way to the inner corner,but be sure to apply less pressure while moving towards the inner corner. This should create an "ombre" or "smokey eye" look (dark to light effect)

Step 2: Using the Mac glitter, apply this product to the outer corner of your eyelid. Try you form a "V-shape" with the glitter. This should create more detail to the "ombre" look , and you should now have successfully created a glittery smoking eye.

Step 3: Now that you have your "Smokey eye" makeup look, apply your finishing touch- Mac liquid Eyeliner.

Step 4: Maybe add some dark or light red lipstick to go along with your eye makeup, but also contrast with the color of your dress.

Hope we helped! Enjoy your makeup look, and we hope your Prom night is the night remember! :)

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