The Fourth Stall

By: Chris Rylander

Christian (Mac) Barret

34 RC Points Lexile Level: 760

"Well, right now, as we speak, a few friends of mine are currently raiding the shed in your backyard. They're going to kidnap your dog, search your place, and take any money or information they find. They are going to call me in the next few minutes to confirm all of this, and if I don't answer, they'll know something is wrong, and they'll take your dog out to a field and leave him there, call the cops and give them all the stuff they found, and keep all of your cash," pg. 265

This as the book is coming to an end and Mac is sharing the plan with the antogonist. I feel as if this line shows how smart he is as well as how much he depends on his team throughout the book.


Mac shows resiliency because even though his business is failing he keeps fighting and doesn't give up.
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